Donation for Patients Covid-19 in Self-Isolation in Karawang

The increasing patients was infected with the Corona virus or Covid-19 in the Karawang Regency area as of August 2021, as a company that always prioritizes the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) action, we’re took part in contributing by the Karawang City Regent’s Office to delivery of 3,000 cans of condensed milk on August 18, 2021 which was received directly by the Deputy Regent of Karawang, Mr. H. Aep Syaepuloh, S.E.

The donation was given to helping patients of Covid-19 patients who are in self-isolation (ISOMAN) who will be assisted of the distribution process by the Karawang Regional Government (Pemda). Hopefully with the assistance we provide can help recovery for Covid-19 patients in this city.